Why choose a plumbed water cooler dispenser?

With so many filtered water alternatives (from bottled coolers and drinking fountains to underbench systems) it’s hard to know which one is right for your business. 

A free standing plumbed water cooler is one of the most common options used by offices and client-facing businesses.  

Here’s why: 

No fuss   

A water cooler attached to plumbing gives you an unlimited supply of water. It also means you don’t have to order bottles and arrange for their delivery. No bottles also means no heavy-lifting and more storage space. 


Water cooler bottles aren’t expensive, but water from a hard plumbed water cooler is free!

Saving the planet one sip at a time 

A plumbed water cooler dispenser reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the transportation and disposal of plastic bottles. 

No nasties – just delicious, purified water

A filter kit can ensure the water you’re drinking from your hard plumbed water cooler is free from deposits like chlorine and limescale. No more of that icky chlorine or metallic taste and no more of the health hazards that come along with it (for more on this, check out How safe is bottled water?). 

Our range 

If you think a free standing plumbed water cooler is the way to go, Aqua Cooler Direct are the ones to go with. 

We stock the highest capacity plumbed-in water cooler available in Australia. Alternatively, there’s a sleek stainless steel Oasis Plumbed Cooler that’d suit pretty much any workplace decor. Both come with a 12-month warranty and a 36-month refrigeration circuit warranty. 

Contact the team today and let us help you quench the thirst of your workplace or household. 

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