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What is the cost of shipping for my delivery order?

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Does Aqua Cooler deliver their products internationally?

Payments & Returns

What payment methods does Aqua Cooler accept?

What is Aqua Cooler’s return policy?

What are my options if my product is faulty?

Filters, Servicing & Spare Parts

How often does my filter need changing?

What is the water cooler cleaning process?

How do I add a water filter to my cooler?

Does my cooler need regular servicing to maintain its efficiency?

How do I change the M Series filter?

How do I find a spare part for my cooler?

Does Aqua Cooler service or provide spare parts for any other cooler brands?


Do you sell bottled water?

Are there any Aqua Cooler products permissible outside?

What is the minimum temperature for the cold water?

Do you know where I can purchase cups for my cooler?

What size cups do I need for the cup holders?

Where can I purchase water for my cooler?

Renting a product

Do you offer rentals?

How often do I pay?

Do you have lock in contracts?

How does the rental process work?