Manage Your Filter Subscription.

With Aqua Cooler's filter subscriptions, you can set and forget and keep your water filtered and fresh.

No fixed contracts. Cancel anytime. Our subscriptions are easy to manage with our self-service portal.

Setting Up Odyssey Eco Package

How to manage your subscription


Accessing your subscription information is easy, simply head to the Login account page on - from login on the main menu, or clicking the little profile in the header


Manage Subscription

Once logged in, you'll see the Manage Subscription tag under Account Details. Click on this, and it will take you to your subscription page.

There is so much you can do from the Manage Subscriptions Page:

  • Payment card on file expiring? Head to 'Payment information'
  • Moving house? Visit 'Address and shipping info'
  • Want to skip your next order or take a break? Click 'Manage upcoming orders'
  • Want to cancel your subscription? Select 'Cancel subscription'. We'll be sad to see you go, but never fear! You can come back anytime! 👍😀 Simply log back into the self-service portal and reactivate your subscription! 

Need help? Our team is always here! Call us on 1300 278 226 or email and our hydration experts can help you out.