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Tri-Stage Replacement Filter
Janell Jarzembski
aqua cooler filters

excellent service and order came quickly

Aqua cooler purity counter

The water tastes is really good

Excellent Service & Product

I moved to Emerald and after drinking hot tap water for two days I called places on Google and spoke to someone from the team who was so good with advice and my questions. He suggested the Odyssey and I ordered it the next day, it was delivered some days later and I put it all together myself following the YouTube instructional video. We drink from it constantly and wouldn't be without it in this heat. A bonus is it's purified and you can taste the difference. I also purchased an extra filter so I have it on hand for the first swap out in 3 months. Give them a call if you have questions or need advice. Excellent service and it's the product is at a very fair price point. Debs.

Very happy with the progressing of my order

Best of Best Aqua Cooler

Very happy with my recent purchase that I was looking for long time to buy for me and two of my kids.I got what I wanted!!! Here is one very happy customer.Will definitely recommend this to my family,friends and neighbours :)

Works as advertised.

Cool and refreshing!

I struggle to drink water, I don't like the taste or the smell but the mini cooler has really helped my kids and I up our water intake and, it's actually a pleasure to drink now. I enjoy drinking water now, plus its very handy to have cool water right there on the bench without opening the fridge! The cooler is a little larger than I expected but it's still a huge asset to our lifestyle. Highly recommend.

I purchased this recently when I needed to buy a new kettle and decided this was a much more useful option. It’s works brilliantly. I love it. It’s not too big and looks great in the counter.

Coolest water ever!!

I absolutely love my new aqua cooler, it’s stylish, easy to use, low maintenance and best of all it provides endless amounts of cold water to my family. I love how cold the water is as I’ve used coolers before and the water hasn’t been cold at all. The water comes out just like it’s direct from the fridge!! I’m sooo happy, kids are happy and we will all keep cool this summer…. Thanks Aqua Cooler

Excellent cooler

Fantastic service. Even when I had a problem Don was so helpful

Maximus Plumbed Water Cooler - Ambient & Cold

Cooler arrived in a reasonable time frame with no damage. Easy to set up and plumb in. Required a separate tap fitting (fits between existing cold tap flex fitting and connection) which was easily obtainable from local Bunnings which enabled self install. Works amazing and perfect for family of 6, kids love it.

Love my Aqua Cooler

I already knew that my bench top Aqua Cooler would be great, because we use the standing version at work. My order was processed and delivered quickly. The cooler is simple to set up, and now we are enjoying great tasting, chilled water. I also really appreciate the reasonable pricing of the replacement filter cartridges, which are much more economical than competing brands. Altogether happy and will recommend to friends and family.

water fountain supplies

guys, just want to let you know that im very happy with the service i get when ordering filters etc.
the items turn up next day and the products are always correct.

Fast and Efficient

Very fast and efficient service. Easily ordered on line with ease. The products are also great.


Love it, good quality i would like to recommend to everyone.

Excellent water cooler and super fast delivery

the best

this is my second machine which I got for my parents to hopefully improve their intake of water. these are the best filters and machines

New filters

Ordered new filters for water cooler and arrived 2 days later. Delivered right to our door. These filters are awesome. Take the yucky taste out of our water. Orders are always prompt.

Very satisfied

Amazing water cooler, tastes great, quick shipping, easy to replace filters, very happy with product and service

Amazing cooler with great features

The water cooler looks stylish and is easy to put together. The taps are a great design and make it easy to fill drink bottles. I absolutely love my water cooler, it has been perfect for hot days and my family and I are drinking alot more water now that we have easily accessible cold water. The staff were super friendly and helpful when I made enquiries pre-purchase. I highly recommend Aqua Cooler Direct.

Best little device

I absolutely love my mini water cooler. I have been drinking more water and love the taste now it’s filtered. Thank you so much for choosing me as your September winner

Brought 4

Yes 4, why not, good for the year.Value for your $ , $ 25 bucks for 3 months is a no brainer.Filtered H2O is always good for your body.Australian tap water is not always the best.We were always buying bottled water or boiling the jug .
Family now has clean H2O on tap, as long as someone fills the cooler which I’m the one doing, kids aye.

Great for keepings you water clean 👏

Great product

Great and efficient service.

Sleek and Effective

Have had this product for a few weeks now. Runs relatively quietly, is sleek and modern and gets you a fresh batch of cold water within 5mins. Good value for money.