Purity RO System - Stage 3 Replacement Aqua Water Filter

75GPD RO Membrane (Stage 3 Replacement Filter for Purity Series)

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Keep Your Purity Series RO Countertop System Filtering Fresh.

Replacement 75GPD RO Membrane. This is the heart of the Purity Series, and removes contaminants down to a molecular level.

It is recommended to replace your RO membrane every 2 years. 

4 Stage Filtration & Booster Pump:

  • Stage 1: Prefilter PP5 Micron - This stage removes particles suspended in inlet water.
  • Stage 2: Prefilter Carbon - Removes free chlorine, odour, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals that contribute to undesirable taste and odour.
  • Stage 3: 75GPD RO Membrane - This is the heart of the Purity Series, and removes contaminants down to a molecular level.
  • Stage 4: Post Filter Carbon - Removes any remaining odours and tastes.

💧 Suitable for use in our Purity Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Purifier. Learn more here

    How to replace the RO Membrane;

    1. Remove the back cover.
    2. Remove the postfilter from the postfilter retaining clips, and remove the retaining clips from the RO cartridge.
    3. Pull the RO membrane cartridge to remove it from the RO cartridge retaining clips.
    4. To remove the elbows from the RO cartridge, push the collet sleeves into the elbow connector.
    5. While holding the collet sleeves in, pull the elbow off the top of the RO cartridge.
    6. In the same way, remove the two elbows from the bottom of the RO cartridge.
    7. Remove the new RO cartridge from its packaging and remove the protection caps from the top and bottom of the cartridge. 
    8. Replace the elbow connectors to their corresponding spikes on the RO cartridge. 
    9. Replace the membrane cartridge back into the retaining clips.
    10. Replace the postfilter retaining clips back onto the RO cartridge, and replace postfilter into retaining clips. 
    11. Replace back cover. 

    When to change your filters

    It is important to change these filters before they are exhausted. It is recommended to replace your RO Membrane every 2 years at a maximum.

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