• Best chilled water taps

    Best chilled water taps

Underbench water systems

Treat your family to chilled, filtered water on-demand with an innovative chilled water tap and under-bench filtration system. No more fighting over who used the last of the cold water; just fresh, delicious water available whenever you need it.

Why get a chilled water tap?

• Instant access to cold, filtered water

• Hydrate straight from the tap

• Enjoy a better taste

• It’s environmentally friendly

• It’s far cheaper than bottled

• Free up space in the fridge

• It’s SUPER convenient

No more time spent filling bottles

Sick of fighting over the last ounce of cold water? Stay hydrated 24/7 with a chilled filtered water tap for home.

Connected straight to your water mains, you’ll enjoy fresh, clean, chilled water without ever having to fill up an empty bottle again.

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Hydrate your employees to keep them motivated all day long

Are your staff known to get side-tracked? Or maybe productivity just isn’t where it should be?
Hydration plays a massive role in mood and concentration. With accessible water coolers in your office, staff and clients will feel the love and thank you for it with better quality work!

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