How safe is bottled water?

The average Australian drinks 30 litres of bottled water every year. But is drinking water from plastic bottles harmful to us? 

 We’ll just go right out and say it – yes.

Here are the three biggest hazards of bottled water, all backed by scientific research: 

1. On today’s menu: plastic 

Has your bottled water ever tasted a bit too ‘plasticy’ for your liking? Yeah, we’re sorry to say that’s no coincidence. 

A 2018 study found that 93% of the world's bottled water contains microplastics that you actually ingest when you’re drinking. Pretty gross, right? 

These nasty little microplastics have been linked to a bunch of health problems – from obesity and developmental delays in children, to reproductive harm and organ problems. 

And don’t be mistaken – the label ‘BPA-free’ doesn’t mean you get off scot free. Research suggests that BPA replacements (BPS, BPF, BPAF) may be just as toxic. 

2. You’ve ingested plastic. Fancy some chlorine for dessert? 

If the idea of essentially eating plastic wasn’t enough to put you off plastic bottled water, you should know about the chlorine and disinfectant-by-products (DBPs) used by water companies to kill off bacteria. 

Studies have confirmed that the chlorine found in bottled water boosts your chances of heart attacks, rectal cancers and food allergies, as well as heart problems, cleft palates and brain defects in newborns

 On top of all that, DBPs have been associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer

Sounds dire. But that’s only because it is.

3. Pulled from not-so-pure sources

Don’t be fooled by the pristine mountains, rivers and springs on the packaging of plastic water bottles. They imply that bottled water is somehow superior, but that’s far from the truth. 

It’s possible the bottled water you’ve been drinking contains contaminants, heavy metals, fertilizers and viruses.

This is because water companies have no control over the catchments from which they source their water, nor can they control the activities that go on near their catchment sites. 

Say goodbye to the hazards of bottled water

Giving up plastic bottled water will benefit your health, the environment and your bank account.

But tap water isn’t exactly the healthiest or tastiest alternative either (for more on this, check out  health benefits of filtered water vs tap water). Plus, it’s kinda unappetising to drink the same water you use to shower or flush your toilet.

So, what are your options?

An undersink water filtration system makes tasty water that you can rest assured is plastic, chlorine and contaminant free.

And for when you want to take your clean, crisp filtered water on the go, a stainless steel water bottle with double vacuum technology can keep it chilled for up to 24 hours. The plastic alternative ain’t got nothing on this bad boy.  

Check out the range of water filters from Aqua Cooler Direct or give the friendly team a shout. They’ll equip you with the water filter solution you need to give plastic bottled water the boot.