Benefits of Installing a Chilled Water Tap


Imagine a blistering Australian summer’s day, the sweat pouring from your brow. Your parched, dry tongue sticks to the inside of your mouth. Deep down, you’re craving the refreshment you know only cold, chilled water can bring to your dehydrated body.

You reach the kitchen sink and whip out the biggest glass, heading straight for the tap. You slam the mixer over to MAX COLD and jam your glass under the stream of water, longing for that cool hydration. The oddly warm feeling that seeps through the glass wall and into your palm leaves you with a sinking feeling. As you let the water run and run, it barely cools down to a lukewarm temperature.

As you sip on the unsatisfying tepid water you curse yourself for not having installed an Aqua Cooler Direct chilled water system when you first heard about them!

The good news? We’re not going anywhere, because we’re sold on the benefits of installing a chilled water tap in your home, office or workplace. Here’s why.

1 - Chilled Water Helps You Recover Faster

There’s no doubt that cooler water helps your core body temperature lower faster after a long or intense workout. It makes sense- you’re far less likely to want to drink warm water than from a chilled water tap when you’re hot and sweaty.

Special forces, emergency services and athletes are big advocates for drinking chilled water to help cool down. By cooling themselves down faster they’re able to reduce inflammation, get back to work and get more done in their day. If it works for them it can work for you!


Waking up quickly is one of the main benefits of installing a chilled water tap.

2 - Chilled Water Wakes You Up

Similar to the effects of caffeine, cold water on your skin or splashes in your face can have a positive effect on alertness, wakefulness and concentration. Even better- unlike caffeine, there’s no comedown or negative impact on your energy levels.

3 - Chilled Water Tastes Great

Whether on its own or with some natural additives, chilled water just tastes so much better than room temperature water or warm water. You can add in your favourite herbs or fruit to make a delicious drink, like a wedge of lemon, sprig of mint or cucumber. It’s also a simple and easy way to entertain guests who feel like a refreshing, hydrating drink.

4 - Chilled Water Can Assist With Weight Loss

Chilled water once carried the common misconception that it might cause people to gain weight by slowing down metabolism. The exact opposite is true! Drinking chilled water has been shown to burn more calories each day since your body is working slightly harder to maintain your internal temperature. This is a great way to supplement your exercise routine and burn off more sugar, fat and calories.


Dehydrated man in business suit searches for chilled water in the desert.

5 - Chilled Water Tap Systems Are Discreet

As opposed to bottled water, a chilled water tap system can be installed out of sight and out of mind. Our H2ONow Under Bench Chiller system is the perfect example of this. With a sleek and elegant stainless steel bench-top chilled water tap on display, it’s the perfect complement to any kitchen.

Our customer Josh had this to say - “We’ve just installed the chiller & filter & we absolutely love it! Delicious cold water on tap means the whole family is drinking more water & not fighting over whose turn it is to refill the jug. Simple install with the most basic of tools. Highly recommend!”


The results are clear. By installing a chilled water tap in your home, office or workplace you can access all these amazing benefits at the flick of a tap! It’s simple, easy and effortless to make the switch.