Which product is right for your application?


Are you wondering which Aqua Cooler product is the best fit for your application? In this article, we will go through four different use cases and help you determine which water cooling solution is best for you.

Small Office
If you’re looking for a water cooler to serve up to 20 people in your small office, then you’ll be wanting 2-2.5L/h of cold water output. The Odyssey range of water coolers are perfect for this level of use and coupled with our tri-stage filter bottled, the Odyssey Eco Package offers an incredibly cost-effective solution to cold filtered water for your office. If you also require hot water, then the Harmony range will fulfil both needs without compromise.

Large Office
When the number of people you need to serve cold water exceeds 20, then you will be needing a high capacity water cooler capable of delivering 5L/h or more of cold water. The Cascade range of water coolers is a great option for large offices. With 5.1L/h of cold water and 7.9L/h of hot water, a Cascade water cooler will be a welcome addition to your office. If that’s not enough, Aqua Cooler’s Maximus range of water coolers is Australia’s largest capacity commercial water cooler, delivering 6.5L/h of cold water with a huge 15L cold water tank.

Gyms, Sports Clubs, and Warehouses
For smaller gyms and sports clubs, the Maximus water cooler is a great choice. The Maximus water cooler offers a huge 5.1L/h of cold water output. Maximus’ design makes it easy to clean and features heavy-duty powder-coated steel side panels and corner pieces making it more suitable for areas that require increased durability such as a gym. For even larger gyms, sports clubs and the like, an M Series drinking fountain is the ultimate choice. With the option of 10L/h and 26L/h of cold water output, these industrial-grade drinking fountains will surely fulfil your drinking water requirements. M Series fountains are ultra-durable, constructed from stainless steel and feature a water bubbler and drink bottle/glass filler.

In a home environment, capacity takes a back seat to aesthetics and convenience. All of our water coolers will fulfil the requirements of a home application, but our Undersink H2O Now water cooler is an especially perfect choice. It sits out of the way under your sink and delivers cold, filtered water to a tap on your sink. This low maintenance appliance will sit out of sight and service your home drinking water demands for years to come with only an occasional filter change. For a free-standing unit, both the Odyssey and Cascade range are stylish water coolers that are suitable for home use.

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