When to replace your water filter cartridge


Your water filter is designed to rid your drinking water of harmful deposits like chlorine and limescale.

And, just like any type of filter, it’ll end up with a whole bunch of these nasties trapped inside.

That’s why it’s important to know when to replace your water filter cartridge...


When to replace your water filter cartridge

Come on’, don’t just sit and wait until your water doesn’t pour at all anymore.

You’re better than this.

There are a few rules of thumb depending on the water filter you’ve chosen.

If you’ve got yourself a benchtop water cooler, chances are you’ll be needing a mini cooler filter.

These little guys usually last for about 2 months before they feel the need to retire.

If you’ve got yourself one of our water coolers with a refillable water cooler bottle, then you’re going to grab yourself the right filter for water coolers.

The Tri-Stage Replacement Filters are fancier than your average with their activated carbon, mineral, stone, silicon, mineral ball AND ceramic disk.

All of the things you didn’t even know you needed in your life.

You might think this filter sounds too good to replace, but you’re going to have to at least every 3 months if you want to keep drinking fresh, tasty water.

If you’re really on the fancy side, you’re probably looking at the Green Carbon Filter, am I right?

This bad boy is one of the fanciest water filters money can buy.

The activated carbon block filter is made from coconut shell charcoal, making it a pretty superior water filter.

With the Green Carbon Filter, your water will taste crisper and fresher than you could even begin to imagine.

You also won't need to replace your filter as much thanks to the special coconut shell material. Once every 6 months should do it.

Whichever filter you’re after, know it’s limits to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a yucky smell and even yuckier taste.

How to tell when your water filter needs replacing

To be honest with you, it shouldn’t be that difficult to tell when your water filter needs replacing

I mean, c’mon…

It’ll start to taste funky

It’ll have a funky smell

You’ll start to notice that chlorine taste

The flow will become lighter

All the things you bought a water cooler for in the first place will make it apparent that maybe the filter part isn’t working as well as it should

    Take our word for it and replace your water cooler filter as recommended and continue enjoying the best tasting water in the world.