Introducing New Under-Sink Filtration Systems

Under-Sink Filtration Systems

August 2019 marks the introduction of Aqua Cooler’s new dual Under-sink Filtration System Kits to purchase for your home. The diverse range includes a variety of products to ensure your drinking water is fresh and clean for the whole family. The kits prevent the existence of chlorine and odour along with improving the taste of your drinking water. Additional kits remove fluoride, heavy metal and scale and the Alkalising and Mineralising Filter Cartridge provides you with water that is energised and mineralised for your loved ones.

The dual Under-sink filtration systems are very accessible, especially at home, as the package fits discretely under your existing sink. The system includes a mains water connection tee piece that offers simple installation to your existing home water supply.

Hydration is key, particularly for the busy lifestyle that our family and friends lead. They will rejoice knowing every time the tap is switched on that their drinking water will be filtered and healthy to keep them energised and alert for the day ahead. The Under-sink Filtration system is easily accessible and is perfect for families with limited space for a water cooler or other filter system.

Aqua Cooler’s range of Under-sink Filtration Systems include a variety of filters dependant on the purpose to ensure filtered drinking water is convenient.

- The Under-sink Filtration Kit – Chlorine, Taste and Odour Removal contains a 5 Micron Granular Coconut carbon pre-filter before using the 1 Micron activated carbon block filter.

- The Fluoride Removal System includes an Activated Alumina Fluoride Reduction cartridge, removing up to 97% of fluoride in your drinking water, before entering our 1 Micron activated carbon block filter.

- The Heavy Metal removal kit includes a 5 Micron Granular Coconut carbon pre-filter before entering our 1 Micron activated carbon block filter.

- The Scale Removal System includes a 5-micron phosphate and granular activated carbon filter to remove sediment, chlorine, bad tastes, odours and reducing scale, before entering our 1 Micron activated carbon block filter.

All the filters above reduce cysts, lead, parasites, chloride and increase the quality of taste of your drinking water.

The new filtration kits can be plumbed-in underneath your sink to the faucet of your choice or can be used in-line with one of our under-sink chillers for pleasant tasting filtered and chilled drinking water right in your own home.

At Aqua Cooler we understand the difficulty of keeping track of replacements for household appliances, particularly with all our family and work commitments. For that reason, we offer our filter reminder service, which will help you never forget to change your water filters again. Additionally, you can click here to see installation and cartridge change instructions.

Discover our new Under-sink Filtration Systems available via Aqua Cooler Direct by clicking here to hydrate your loved ones and effortlessly offer filtered and clean drinking water in the comfort of your own home.