Hydrate the next generation at school

Education is power. Encourage our future leaders to stay hydrated as they learn.  

Find the ideal water cooler for your school and benefit from accessible cold, filtered water to reduce dehydration. Enjoy durable drinking fountains all year round. 

Drinking Fountains & Bubblers

M Series - School

The drinking water fountain and bubbler is the ultimate way to hydrate the next generation. Water fountains require a mains-connected water inlet and drain outlet. 

Aqua Cooler’s M Series Drinking Fountains are incredible hydration stations for young minds. These fountains allow for continual water supply and run-off. The M Series contains two tap options; a bubbler and a bottle filler tap. These taps are convenient for students to use when active at school. Provide cold, filtered water for pupils and staff alike with the M Series fountain. 

The M Series is available in three different capacities to cater to a small or large population of students – 10 L/hr, 19 L/hr and 26 L/hr. 

  • Constant water supply and minimal spillage
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler
  • Filtered versions remove taste, odour and chlorine
  • Perfect for hydrating during class or sport

WM Series - School

Aqua Cooler’s WM Series Bubbler, is mounted on the wall and designed to fit in small spaces or in rooms with restricted floor space, the WM Series is perfect for schools as it provides accessibility for people in wheelchairs or for young children.      

The WM Series is designed with an easily removable front panel that provides instant access to all components and controls to fix with no problem for a fast-paced school.

With fingerprint-proof coating on both stainless steel and powder coated options, this robust water dispenser fits marvellously in hallways or on school grounds with limited floor space available. You can choose between blubber only or glass filler and bubbler in a single unit.  

  • The WM Series dispenses 19 litres per hour of cold water output
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler for easy access for children 
  • Optional stainless-steel cabinets.
  • Ideal for a quick drink while students are outside during lunch or in P.E class

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Consider the features and benefits above of Aqua Cooler’s fountains and choose the ideal unit to motivate and hydrate students and staff.

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