How to choose the ideal water fountain for your gym?

Need an efficient, long-lasting water fountain or cooler for your gym? Aqua Cooler Direct is your partner in cool and can keep patrons hydrated throughout their workout.

There are various forms of water system to choose from. Drinking fountains, plumbed-in and bottled water coolers are a few categories that Aqua Cooler recommends for gym use.

Drinking Fountains & Bubblers

Drinking fountains are the most popular water solution for the high-demanding gyms. They require a mains-connected water inlet and drain outlet.

Aqua Cooler’s M Series Drinking Fountains are the ultimate hydration stations. These fountains allows for continual water supply and run-off. The M Series contains two tap options; a bubbler tap and a bottle filler tap. These two taps provide cold, filtered water for members and staff. The M series is available in three different capacities – 10 L/hr, 19 L/hr and 26 L/hr. 

  • Constant water supply and minimal spillage
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler
  • Simple filter changes for filtered units
  • The front panel can be removed for ease of servicing without disconnecting plumbing
  • Filtered versions remove taste, odour and chlorine
  • Smart self-regulating control that overcomes varying mains pressure

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Plumbed-in Water Cooler

In addition, plumbed-in water coolers are an excellent choice for the small to medium sized gym. 

Aqua Cooler’s Maximus Water Cooler is the largest capacity free standing water cooler on the Australian market. It uses a mains-connected water supply and only requires a water inlet.

Economically, the Maximus is a beneficial choice for gyms due to its large volume tank and high level of performance for a water cooler.

  • High capacity 14 litre tank
  • Dispenses 6.5L of cool water output per hour
  • Easy-to-clean with a removable drip tray
  • Durable polypropylene, self-closing taps for quick use in fast-paced gym
  • Compact free-standing unit, fits in gym with ease
  • Ability to attach a cup holder to the side of the cooler for convenience in gym environment

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Consider the features and benefits above of Aqua Cooler’s drinking fountains, plumbed-in coolers to decide the right one for the health and well-being of your gym's patrons and staff.

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