How safe is tap water?

We've all heard the tales about getting sick from drinking tap water when traveling.

Maybe you’ve had a run-in with the dreaded Delhi belly? Or a friend's trip got cut short after getting ill from food made with tap water?

Luckily, here in Australia, we are blessed with not having such intense and sudden health issues from our tap water. But the question still remains; how safe is our tap water?

Hidden surprises

While tap water across the board in Australia is treated to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms, there are certainly other chemicals present in tap water. These chemicals and trace elements can impart unpleasant tastes and odours into your drinking water.

Although trace elements in our tap water have not been shown to have any harm when ingested, they can negatively impact the taste of the water.

Many people enjoy the taste of filtered water over water straight from the tap. This is largely due to the fact that the filtering system rids the water of many of these trace elements and contaminants, without getting rid of the good stuff.

So, is it safe to drink tap water?

The drinking water in Australia meets our country's safety standards, but the taste of the water changes from location to location as the water comes from different catchments.

As it goes through the treatment process, it still comes out the other end and into your taps with trace elements that change the taste and odour of your water.

Many people prefer to have the crisp, clean taste of filtered water, knowing that their water has gone through that extra last stage of cleaning to deliver you a safe and refreshing flow of H2O.

The benefits of filtered water

A high-quality water filtration system can remove odours and bad tastes from your tap water so you can enjoy clean and clear drinking water. Additional kits can even remove fluoride, scale, heavy metals, and more so you and your family can have that extra peace of mind.

By filtering out trace elements in your water, the final product has been proven to provide a greater level of hydration. This greater level of hydration has positive effects on the body, such as aiding your digestion by making it easier to transport minerals and nutrients throughout your body.

You may even find that you end up drinking more water, more often, just because it tastes better. A higher water intake means your skin will be more hydrated, you will have fewer headaches caused by dehydration, and you won't need to rush down to the shops to get bottled water anymore - saving your time and money, all while helping the environment.

There are many benefits to installing a water filtration system, taste is just one of the few. Have a look at our under-sink filtration units or give us a call to chat with one of our team members about how we can set you up with your perfect water system.