Check out our water coolers in action


We recently ran a competition to see how you use your water coolers. Here are just some of our favourite responses :)

1. Keeping the little ones hydrated

Our Odyssey Bottled Water Cooler and Oasis Eco Package Cooler are a big hit with the kids! With an easy tap dispenser, they don’t have to reach for the heavy water jug or ask mummy and daddy to help them with a cup of water. It’s so easy - kids love them!

“We love that the kids can easily help themselves to fresh water and we love how cold the Aqua Cooler keeps our water. We couldn’t live without it now that’s for sure!” 

- Melissa

“Keeps our children happy to drink water, previously drinking tap water was an endless fight. With a great taste now and a cool looking robot as my daughter says they love drinking water now” 

- Diego 

kids with their water coolers

2. Amongst the house plants

How great does the Odyssey look amongst the house plants? Makes watering them a breeze!

“We used to have bottled water delivered but now we have fresh clean chilled water on tap far cheaper thanks to Aqua Cooler” 

- Steve

workplaces with their water coolers

3. At work

Our water coolers aren’t just a big hit at home, but for businesses looking after their employees and customers! Check out Jayne and Sarah’s clever and convenient use of their Oasis Eco Package Coolers

“It was a great investment for our X-ray clinic waiting room. It’s a convenient way to keep our patients happy and hydrated” 

- Sarah 

“We make sure our customers don't get in a spin about their laundry pile, while our Aqua Cooler makes sure we can have fresh water on the go and hot coffees at the ready!” 

- Jayne

young girl drinks from her water cooler in dad's man cave

4. In the man cave

After a big workout or just hanging out, the Oasis is there and ready to keep you hydrated!

“I use it in my shed (man cave) when I workout or play cars, and my daughter loves it too!!” 

- Rob 

water coolers amongst home decor


5. Part of the decor

Water coolers aren’t just a convenient way of drinking delicious, filtered water. They can also complement your home decor! 

“Beautiful clean, fresh water available always at minimal cost” 

- Steve

Have a great shot of your water cooler in action? We’d love to see it! Tag us in your social post or send it directly to us via email for your chance to be featured :)