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Due to ongoing bushfire activity, Australia Post operations have been impacted in a number of locations in ACT, WA Victoria and NSW

Aqua Cooler Direct: Shop With Confidence

Posted on September 27 2018

Aqua Cooler, a proudly Australian owned drinking water and industrial chilling company, has announced the launch of an exciting new online store, Aqua Cooler Direct. The new ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) platform launches 29 September 2018 and allows consumers to purchase a range of high quality Aqua Cooler products with confidence and ease from our secure website.

Aqua Cooler Direct

Aqua Cooler’s new subsection arises from the growing ‘B2C’ market and the impact that can be made on a retail level. According to Australia Post, online shopping in the retail sector continues to increase with more Australians shopping online than ever before. In 2017 total online purchases reached $21.3 billion for the first time. It was a 18.7% increase in comparison to 2016.

Due to the accelerating popularity of online shopping, Aqua Cooler CEO, Glenn Honey agrees online retail is a beneficial way to branch out directly to customers,

"Today people do a great deal of purchasing for their home and office online, so I believe Aqua Cooler Direct will be a strong step in the right direction to reach our key audience through the online shopping arena."

Aqua Cooler is known for constantly keeping up with changes in the market by expanding into new areas of business and Aqua Cooler Direct is no exception. By opening the door to the retail market through the online store, the wider public can benefit from using Aqua Cooler products in their everyday lives.

The current Aqua Cooler website will act as an information centre for customers and distributors alike and will link to Aqua Cooler Direct, a user-friendly online shop.

Customer service will be elevated through the new ‘Live Chat’ application accessible throughout the Direct website. It will assist in providing instant advice and support when selecting the right cooler during the online shopping experience. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) will be an additional feature on the website and will provide answers in all areas about Aqua Cooler. The FAQs will include payment options, how to install, clean, change filters, servicing support and more.

Aqua Cooler will continue to focus on customer and aftermarket service to ensure the highest level of support is provided to consumers. All coolers offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Aqua Cooler’s National Sales Manager, Ben Carlton is thrilled about the opportunity to offer Aqua Cooler’s high-performance products to the retail market,

"Aqua Cooler Direct is an expansion I’m very excited about as our coolers can now be enjoyed with confidence through the simple click of a button!"

The Odyssey Series Water Cooler and environmentally-friendly Reusable Filtered Water Bottle will be released in conjunction with the online store on Monday 1st OctoberThe Odyssey is the latest creation by Aqua Cooler and is perfect for home-owners, renters and small office users with exceptional performance and reliability.  

The Reusable Filtered Water Bottle will save customers financially and environmentally and they will never buy bottled water again.

Each unit includes a ‘Usage and Care Manual’ to assist in the unboxing, installation, troubleshooting, cleaning and maintenance of your brand-new cooler. Brochures and ‘How-to’ informative videos will be available soon on product pages for customers to receive further support in unboxing, replacing filters and cleaning the coolers.

Purchase the Odyssey this Summer through Aqua Cooler Direct. – www.aquacoolerdirect.com.au

About Aqua Cooler
Aqua Cooler was formed in 1994 as an amalgamation of three like-minded companies with histories dating back to the 1950’s. The first company, Blackmore and Singleman, was founded in the 1950’s by Jim Blackmore and focused on producing air conditioning and water chilling solutions for the train industry. The second, Sam Hort, was a small water cooler company purchased by Barry Blackmore in 1979. Sam Hort operated under this name for several years until Blackmore and Singleman relocated under the same roof and Aqua Cooler was formed. Over the lifetime of the company, Aqua Cooler has reinvented itself repeatedly. The core values and skill set remains mostly unchanged, but the end product and use-case continues to change and evolve alongside the world.
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Media Enquiries
Should you require further information, please contact Sheldon Greyling on
+61 7 3387 0467 or email s.greyling@aquacooler.com.au.

Aqua Cooler Direct http://www.aquacoolerdirect.com.au
Aqua Cooler Information Centre http://www.aquacooler.com.au

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