M Series Drinking Fountain Family Stainless Steel and Powdercoat Options
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series
Factory Second - M Series

Factory Second - M Series

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** All care is taken in identifying scratches, dents and other defects within the product photos shown in our "factory seconds" section on Aqua Cooler Direct. From time to time, there may be additional marks, scratches, dents on the items that are not shown on the images. The photos shown are to illustrate the general condition of the item and they are priced accordingly. Inspection of units is always welcome at our Park Ridge QLD warehouse. Note, the first image shows what the cooler looks like "brand new" and is used only to illustrate the product generally. 


The M Series is a sleek mains-connected water bubbler with a heavy-duty build. The tank is made from industrial grade stainless-steel ensuring the bubbler will effortlessly meet demand. The smart self-regulating control fitted also overcomes varying mains pressure.

Key Features

  • Industrial grade 304 stainless-steel tank and robust construction.
  • Polished stainless-steel top.
  • Front panel removes for ease of servicing.
  • Optional stainless-steel cabinets.
  • Simple filter changes for filtered units.
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt water bubbler and drink bottle/glass filler.

The M Series is designed with an easily removable front panel that gives instant access to all components and controls. Hassle-free filter changes and services can be undertaken without disconnecting the plumbing.

With fingerprint-proof coating on both stainless-steel and powder coated options, this robust water dispenser fits marvellously to a multitude of places including offices, worksites and gyms.

Filtered models feature a compact and easy to replace filter that removes taste, odour and chlorine. The filter is a proprietary carbon-block filter of greater density with a 2 micron filtration pad to prevent carbon and sediment bypass. A dual “O” ring, a bayonet lock system, ensures product performance.

Water Reservoir 5L water tank is fabricated from industrial grade
304 stainless-steel for longevity.

Uses R134A refrigerant which is non-toxic, nonflammable and environmentally sympathetic. The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube, which has no moving parts. To give maximum heat exchange a suction line is fitted.

M2/M3 - R134A  125 g 

Water Flow Controls The bubbler is rated to supply 1.7 L/m at mains water pressure of between 140 and 700 kPa. An automatic self-regulating control, fitted to overcome varying mains pressure.
Water Connections Water Inlet       1/2" MBSP
Water Outlet     40mm female F.P.V.C. pipe       
Thermostat Control The thermostat is factory set.
Compressor  M2/M3 - PW4.5VK, 1/8 HP, 128 W
Condenser Copper tube and expanded aluminium fin.
Electrical 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Performance to ARI
1010-94 Standard

Water Inlet        26.7 ºC             
Water Outlet     5-10 ºC
Ambient Air       32 ºC

Weight (Packed) M2/M3               26 kg
Dimensions (Packed) 500 x 500 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)
Warranty Factory Seconds Warranty - 6 Months from purchase, unit must be returned to us in Brisbane for repair. 

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  • 2212000071 - M2SS (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000228 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000263 - M11 (26LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2212000038 - M11SS (26LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000213 - M11 (26 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000170 - M11 (26 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2209000029 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2204000142 - M11 (26 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000172 - M11 (26 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000173 - M11 (26 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2311000113 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2310000057 - M3SS (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2209000007 - M3SS (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2007000016 - M3SS (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2212000073 - M2SS (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2312000072 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2203000056 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 240100004 - M11 (26LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2201000021 - M2 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND
  • 2305000352 - M3 (10 LPH): AC-FACTORYSECOND

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John Tyrrell
Great Machine

This cooler was the best value ever and so great for our park. Much appreciated the excellent service from your company.

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Excellent service

Fast delivery and great product. Customer service is spot on!


Sexier than the others

Have looked for a while but when I saw the Cascade cooler I thought it looked so much better than all the...



Fantastic customer service.. Great tasting water.. Purely outstanding! Thankyou


Cool refreshing water

So happy with our new oasis water cooler. It cools water in no time, tastes great and the whole family


Great service

We are very happy with our cooler so much easier than raiding the refridgerator all day. Thank you


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