The cost of bottled water

So many of us automatically choose bottled water these days. There are various reasons for this – perceived taste and health benefits, socio-economic reasons, and the perception that bottled water is more convenient than tap water. However, there is growing evidence that bottled water can have a negative impact on the environment as well as on your finances. There’s a viable alternative to this in having a home water filtration system.

The financial cost of bottled water

Let’s start by looking at the financial cost of bottled water. If you need to stick to a budget, buying bottled water could really be pushing your costs up unnecessarily. There’s a huge cost difference between bottled and tap water - tap water costs roughly $3 per 1000 litres whereas bottled water is 1000 times more expensive, costing around $3 for only one litre.

What about the environment?

Choosing bottled water also has serious costs for the environment. Whilst it’s true that the majority of plastic water bottles can be recycled, most bottles currently being produced are made from new, non-recycled materials. PET, the type of plastic most commonly used for this purpose, is manufactured from non-renewable fossil fuels. Not only is this a finite resource, but the continued mining of these fossil fuels has a very real impact on the environment.

Vast quantities of energy are required for producing the bottles; obtaining, treating, and transporting the water; as well as transporting the end product to stores around the country. On the other hand, tap water requires much less energy for treatment and distribution.

Choose a water filtration system instead

If you want your water consumption to cost you less and not have a damaging effect on the environment, choose a water filtration system. The benefits of using a water filter include improved taste and smell of the water, as well as the removal of chlorine. Specialist filters are also available to remove substances like scale, fluoride, and heavy metals – removing these from your tap water is one of the major health benefits of filtered water.

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