Stay hydrated at home with the perfect water cooler

Enjoy your very own water cooler to stay hydrated at home and access at your own convenience. Your family and friends can benefit from drinking cold filtered water all year round with a dual source, bottled or bench-top cooler. 

Premium Dual Source

The premium flagship Cascade Dual Source Range is stylish and efficient to complement your modern kitchen.  A highlight is the hidden bottom loaded bottle for ease of use and to blend in with a contemporary living area. 

With the flick of a switch it transfers from bottled to mains-connected. This advanced feature is beneficial for home-owners with the choice of water-inlet or power-outlet, particularly when rearranging furniture or moving into a new home. 

It contains a high impact polymer on top, base and front panels with durable housing to extend its lifespan and keep it looking smart for longer. 

  • Dispenses 5.1 litres cold water output per hour
  • 7.9 litres of hot water output per hour
  • Switch from bottled to mains-connected
  • Hidden bottom loaded bottle to install with ease
  • Easy to clean dishwasher-safe and removable drip tray

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Bottled Water

The bottled water cooler is a simple and convenient way to stay hydrated at home.

Home-owners can benefit from the efficient Odyssey Series Water Cooler with unparalleled value in bottled ambient-and cold drinking water dispensers. The modern cooler is the perfect unit for family homes and renters all year round. 

The durable plastic, coupled with steel side panels for strength makes this unit perfect for home use. Economically, home-owners can save with the revolutionary Tri-Stage Filtered Refillable Bottle it is perfect to minimise your home’s water usage and is easy-to-use. You won't need to purchase filtered water bottles.

Home owners and renters can benefit from cost-savings long-term and the units last for years to come.

  • High-capacity 15 litre Tri-Stage Refillable Bottle
  • Dispenses 2.5 litres of cold water output per hour
  • Only needs power outlet, not water inlet to run
  • Self-closing taps for minimal spillage
  • Odyssey is a free-standing unit to fit in your kitchen or living room  


The Allure Bench Top Cooler provides your family and friends with your very own hydration station during your busy work or school day. The Allure is perfect where floor space is limited.

  • Convenient bench-top size
  • Perfect for your kitchen bench
  • Removable easy-to-clean drip tray
  • Dispenses 2 litres of cold-water output, great for a small family unit
  • Integrated non-spill system for hygiene and convenience among a myriad of people

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Consider the features and benefits of Aqua Cooler’s dual-source and bottled water coolers when choosing the right unit for the health and well-being of your family and friends. 

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