Plumbed In VS Under Bench Water Coolers

We heard you’re looking for the perfect solution to your water dispensing needs, and we are here for you! While our range of bottled coolers are classics, you may be looking to venture into our more modern options: plumbed in and under bench.

What’s the difference between plumbed in and under bench?

Plumbed in water coolers look much like our standard bottled water coolers but without the bottle on top. They’re very sleek and tend to  take up less space. Rather than using water from bottles, plumbed in coolers are connected to your main water system, meaning unlimited water access! 

On the other hand, under bench coolers are similar to plumbed in coolers because they’re also connected to your main water, however, under bench coolers are installed “under bench” or under your sink so they are out of sight. Additionally, instead of the water being dispensed from small taps on the cooler, the filtered water comes out of a tap just like the one in your sink. 

Both are great cooler options. Being connected to the main water source means infinite water, making your daily hydration a breeze. Plus, the absence of bottles means:

- No heavy lifting

- No need for bottle storage

- No need to schedule bottle deliveries

- No worries about running out of water

AND less plastic waste! You’ll love the easy access to delicious and healthy chilled water thanks to the cooler’s filtration system. 

Plumbed In Water Cooler Pros and Cons

The major advantage of a plumbed in cooler is that they have a sleek design, they look good in a space yet they’re really functional. Not to mention, they take up less space than a standard bottled cooler and they’re more aesthetic, if that’s something you’re looking for. In terms of functionality, plumbed in coolers are perfect for office spaces to hydrate employees or for a bustling gym. They’re reliable, you’ll always have access to hot or cold (or cool!) water, even in a busy place where the cooler gets a lot of use. 

Plumbed in coolers are a superb option, but they do take up space. If you’re concerned about having a sizable system in your space, perhaps you might opt for an under bench cooler instead. 

Under Bench Water Cooler Pros and Cons 

The big advantage of having an under bench cooler is that they are totally out of sight. They don't take up a lot of space as long as you already have an appropriate under bench area. Filtered cold water comes right out of a tap with no cooler in sight, it’s like magic! Our under bench cooler is energy efficient as it is fully insulated and automatically switches off when not being used. It has an output of 5L per hour of chilled water - this cooler will always be ready to get you your 8 glasses a day.

Under bench coolers do need to be installed in a ventilated space to ensure they don't overheat, and they are more expensive than plumbed in coolers. But, they provide cold water without the addition of a cooler to your space. 

Under bench coolers are perfect for households, while plumbed in might be the better choice for an office. 

These two cooler options are both great for whatever your need be. Browse our plumbed in coolers and under bench coolers and feel free to contact us if you have further questions.