Is bottled or filtered water safer for baby formula?

You want the best for your little one. So, when it comes to preparing baby formula, how do you know which water source is the safest?

Firstly, we need to delve into what safe drinking water actually is.

What is ‘safe drinking water’? 

The term ‘safe drinking water’ refers to water that doesn't contain harmful bacteria and/or contaminants. 

While bottled water may seem like the safest option over tap water, you will still generally find some contaminants and/or bacteria. Many people choose to boil tap or bottled water and let it cool. While this can help to reduce bacteria exposure, it doesn't remove contaminants like lead, chlorine or fluoride. 

Fluoride, lead, chlorine and bacteria can be removed by following a filtering process before boiling and cooling the water. But the question remains, which water source is the safest for your little one?

Bottled water or filtered water?

According to the Mayo Clinic, some fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, and hence tap water can be used to prepare baby formula. However, the article does note that too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis, a cosmetic issue that can affect both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

If you’re concerned about exposing your baby to too much fluoride and the risk of developing fluorosis, you might like to alternate between using tap water and filtered/purified water

Before making any decision about your baby’s health, it’s best to talk to your trusted doctor/pediatrician.