How to set up your Cascade Eco Water Cooler


The Cascade Eco Water Cooler is unique in that it has a refillable bottle which is stored underneath the cooler, unlike traditional coolers where the bottle is stored on top.

This is great for your home or small office because it dispenses cold, ambient and hot water. 

What comes with your Cascade Eco Water Cooler?

When you cascade cooler arrives, it comes in one box which includes:

  • The cooler unit itself
  • 1 x 10L refillable water bottle
  • 1 x Water filtration cartridge

When it comes to setting up your new cooler, just follow these three simple steps.

How to set up your Cascade Eco Water Cooler 

1. Remove all items and packaging from the box

Firstly, remove the plastic film from the door panel and discard.

Then, open the door and take out the refillable bottle and the filter cartridge.

Remove the plastic packaging from the utensils and discard.


2. Rinse the cartridge and filter

To ensure your cartridge and water filter is free from any residue from the manufacturing process, it’s a good idea to give both a wash.

Rinse the water filter under cold water for about five minutes.

Give the refillable bottle a good rinse out and then you’re ready to fill with water.

Attach the water filter back where you found it and screw the syphon firmly into the bottle.

Slide the bottle back in and close the door.


3. Connect to power

Once your Cascade Eco Water Cooler is all set up, it’s time to plug in the power.

Plug it into the wall and flick the switch.

Then flick both switches at the back of your cooler to turn on the cooling and heating functions.

Give it a couple of minutes to adjust the temperatures and you can help yourself to a nice steaming cup of tea.

You’ve earned it.


Having Trouble?

If you’re struggling to get your water cooler up and running, we can help.

Simply give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.