Misconceptions about water coolers

Thinking of purchasing a water cooler?

You may have stumbled across a few misconceptions. 

We've found five of the most common misconceptions about water coolers and debunked them.

Water coolers only chill water 

Given the name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that water coolers are only useful to keep water cool.

However, that isn’t the case!

Not only do they provide deliciously chilled water, they also filter all those nasty microscopic particles – leaving you a refreshingly thirst-quenching glass of water that your body is sure to appreciate. 

Depending on the model of cooler you are considering, you have the option for both hot and cold water within a single machine.

Water Coolers have no impact on workplace compliance

Although there is an initial outlay of cost for a water cooler, they are one of the best ways to ensure that you are compliant with workplace health and safety laws in Australia.

The compliance code for workplace amenities and work environment section in the OHS Act includes the following regarding drinking water.

Ensuring that supply is adequate and meets guidelines for water safety.

Water points are available no less than 30 metres from work stations and that one point should be allocated for every 40 employees.

Washroom and kitchen taps are not acceptable water outlets for staff and where main water outlets are not available – drinking water must be supplied.

The simple act of purchasing or renting a water cooler will ensure that your staff are hydrated and you remain OHS compliant! 

Water coolers have to be kept indoors

Although you’d expect water coolers to be found inside whether at home or the office – some water coolers can be kept outside.

Perfect for team building days spent playing cricket or poolside – the Aqua Cooler M Series allows water to be obtained outside which is sure to be a hit amongst everyone! 

Water coolers are expensive

You might think the added addition of water cooler is just another unaffordable expense – but that is far from true.

If you a purchasing an average bottle of chilled water you can expect to pay anything between $2.00 to $4.95.

However, if you are utilising a bottled cooler you can get a cool 15 litres for around $10.

Or, on the other hand, you can choose a water cooler with a refillable bottle, such as the Odyssey Eco package – which eliminates monthly bottle charges.

Alternatively, you can choose plumbed in water coolers such as the Maximus or Oasis plumbed cooler – which provides year-round chilled water and eliminates additional bottle charges.

This means after the initial outlay, you’ll find that you can provide your staff water for an extremely minimal and maintainable price year-round.

Water coolers aren’t sustainable

When water coolers come to mind, you might think of bulky pieces of equipment that take up to much space, are hard to maintain and aren’t environmentally friendly – but that is false!

The range of water coolers we provide is designed with the highest quality components to ensure that they run extremely efficiently and require little maintenance.

Furthermore, by promoting the use of reusable cups for water dispensing or an alternative eco-friendly cup – your company can do its part for the environment moving forward.

We hope we've helped to clear up any misconceptions about water coolers! If you've still got questions, shoot us an email and we'll help to clear things up.