9 simple steps to clean your cooler

The cleaning process for your water cooler is very simple. Follow the instructions below carefully for your Aqua Cooler product to keep your cooler in pristine condition.clean water cooler

1) Unplug the water cooler and empty all water from the reservoir. 

2) If it is a bottle top cooler, remove the top circular lid by turning it counter clockwise until the top unlatches. If it is a plumbed - in cooler, please unscrew the lid using the screws found at the rear of the cooler.

3) Now unscrew the circular divider found within the reservoir.

4) Clean the reservoir by pouring 2 litres of water and 50 millilitres of household vinegar in. Let it stand for approximately 5 minutes.

5) With the solution still inside the reservoir, now use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub the reservoir.

6) Drain the reservoir through the taps.

7) Refill the reservoir with clean water and rinse. Repeat this until the water runs clear.  

8) Replace the circular divider and lid.

9) Plug in the cooler and allow time for the water to cool before using again.

If you require any further assistance or clarification regarding the cleaning of your cooler please do not hesitate to contact our Service Team on 1800 278 226 or our Customer Experience Officers at customerservice@aquacooler.com.au