6 Reasons to Get a Water Cooler for Home

Do you want icy cold water at the flick of a switch?

Well, that’s absolutely possible when you treat yourself to the best water coolers for home!

If you’re digging for more evidence about how a cold water cooler for home will benefit your family, keep reading...

1. Quality drinking water

Firstly, our filtered water coolers can provide your home with fresh, pure water. 

Not only does it taste cool and refreshing but the quality of water is far better than your regular tap water.

Why is it better quality, you ask?

Well, at Aqua Cooler Direct, you can purchase specialised water coolers that are designed with a filtration system that helps to maintain the quality of your drinking water.

You can choose between smaller, more nimble bottled water coolers and larger, more permanent fixtures like your plumbed in water coolers

Both use innovative cooling and filtration technologies to provide your home with healthy and refreshing water.

2. Environmentally friendly

Water coolers are becoming more and more popular due to their positive impacts on the environment.

When you choose a water filter and cooler for home, you are investing in cool, refreshing water that doesn’t require plastic bottles or wastage.

Water coolers make it so simple and convenient that all you need is a glass and you’re all set. 

Or if you’re heading out, fill up your reusable water bottle with that delicious, high-quality water and you’re good to go.

3. For good health and hydration

Did you know the recommended amount of water you should be drinking daily is between two and three litres? 

That works out to be roughly 10 glasses! Sounds like a lot, right?

Not with a delicious home water cooler that encourages you to drink more water, more regularly. 

You might have to see it to believe it, but even your kids will drink more water when they have access to a water cooler!

And with more and more people spending time at home, that’s a lot of cold drinking water you require to keep your family refreshed and hydrated.

4. Better bang for your buck

Water coolers might seem expensive at first, but the pay off is much greater.

A small benchtop mini cooler will only set you back $77.00, practically the same amount you’d spend on  25 x $3.00 water bottles!

And for the lifetime duration of a water cooler, you’ll surely purchase more water bottles than that.

That’s why investing in a water cooler for your home won’t just make you healthier, it’ll make you richer in the long run!

5. Free up the fridge

How annoying is it when you open up the fridge and there isn’t any free space in sight?

More often than not, it’s those pesky water bottles or big bulky jugs you have filled up from the tap.

A water cooler takes the need out of storing water bottles in the fridge and instead frees up plenty of space.

With a water cooler, you’ll surely notice the difference and have the ability to store more meals and groceries without the pain of reshuffling and jamming things to the back of your fridge.

6. For convenience

Probably one of the main reasons you should get a water cooler for your home is the luxury of convenience. No more refilling jugs and getting cranky when the last person failed to do so.

Plus, having convenient, tasty water at your fingertips, you’re sure to be drinking high-quality water all day, every day.

The best water coolers in Australia

We assure you it’ll be the best decision you ever made and all of your family and friends will be very impressed!

If you need help deciding on the best water cooler for your home, speak to one of our friendly staff today.